Friday, February 6, 2009

Las Abras: Love

Hey everyone :) Hope you are doing well!

We got back from San Josiseto and Las Abras yesterday, very tired, sore, and dirty! The hike was very challenging. It was mainly uphill and was very hot, over 100 degrees in the shade! I didn´t know if I was going to make it. The only things picking me up from staying on the ground for a couple days was the fact that we only had a couple of ounces of water left and so we had to keep going. The trip was not only physically overwhelming, it was emotionally overwhelming. At my breaking point (a couple tears were present :) about half way through the hike, I asked Angela how she did it. She said: "Love." Its seems simple. It sounds simple. It´s a short word and when we think of it we are overwhelmed with thoughts of people, laughter, happy thoughts (what we receive). The kind of love Angela was talking about is a little different. To love someone (or a people) that much is hard, almost too hard. Almost. Not one ounce of it is about yourself. It is a giving love. She said, "The Lord has called me to do this. It´s hard, but the kids are worth it, they are good earth." Wow. So we prayed aloud and then kept going with fresh strength.

While there, we held a Vacation Bible School during the afternoon for the kids, and every night we had a church service. During the day we went to each house and visited and encouraged. The kids there are so sweet. They listen to everything you have to say. They love affection.

Yesterday, after we crossed the bridge, finishing the hike, we all sat down and rested while Andreas went to get the Land Rover. While sitting there, I saw Santiego crossing the bridge. This man is from Las Abras. He lost half his arm when he was 5 in a meat grinder, and later on in his life somehow crippled his leg. He hobbles around with a stick. This man hiked the two hours just like us. He normally comes on his donkey, but it ran away that morning. He falls over and over again but he keeps going. He brought Pepe and Guido to a village an additional two hours from Las Abras one time. Why? Because the people there wanted to hear the gospel. He fell numerous times, but kept getting up saying, "Let's go, these people need to hear the gospel." Overwhelming...

* We are off this afternoon to Tentaguasu, a village a couple hours away by car. Andreas is bringing his projector and we are going to show the Jesus Film in the tribe's language. Angela and I are also going to do crafts with the kids. I´m excited about the film being shown, I can´t believe I have the opportunity to witness it. I´ve heard the response to the film is incredible. Please be praying :) We will be back Sunday.*



Aunt Sue said...

I can't believe you could hike 2 hours in 100 degree heat. I love hearing your stories and how God is using you all. I was commiserating with you over your long hike and then read your story about Santiego doing it despite is handicap. Brought tears to my eyes hearing about someone having such a passion for spreading the word. I also am extremely fond of your calzone story and that they thought they were eating "underwear" (hee hee). Tim, I and the little sweeties are all praying for you.
The Schutz Family

GYNot? said...

Sounds like you've been having a lot of adventures:)

Well, the whole family is praying for you and thanks for keeping us all updated!

The Flores'

Tom said...

So Florida summers are not so bad then.
We are praying for you.

Tom & Debi

lia said...

that's some pretty amazing love.


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